What do our customers have to say?

One of the best parts of my job is the connection I make with my wonderful clients. Many have become close friends and returned time and time again to experience a new Iceland every time.

Here you can read a few things they had to say about their trip.

Reviews of Iceland Unwrapped

“Iceland has been a bucket list destination for me since I was really young. My husband and I finally decided to take the plunge this year and visit with some of our friends. I knew trying to arrange my own travel plan would be quite time consuming and I frankly did not know where to start. We called upon Helgastina to help us and it was the best decision we made. She took care of everything. All we had to do was choose accomodation from a list of recommendations she provided. We were provided with a complete guide for day-to-day activites for every area / region we were in. She also was spot on with our request of 50% ‘touristy’ activities and 50% relaxing / quieter activities. We had a wonderful trip. I will definitely be planning another trip in the future to explore more of Iceland.

Thank you again Iceland Unwrapped for such a wonderful vacation!”

Thandi Storey – South Africa / The Netherlands

“From the outside, the vast Icelandic countryside can look quite barren. At the start, we were wondering how this land with no trees could possibly keep our family of four entertained. Helgastina is an amazing planner with a talent for getting a real grip on what different kinds of things different people would like. It seemed as if almost every hour, Helgastina’s travel plan took us to hidden caves and bubbling mud ponds, amazing waterfalls and those tectonic plates you hear about – places we would never have found on our own. Her guidance is gold. We all had a fantastic time, each appreciating lots of different things!”

Lindsay Uittenbogaard – Delft, The Netherlands

“Best decision we made was to let Helga plan our trip to Iceland in March. I was getting a bit overwhelmed, I mean, half of the places i couldn’t pronounce. She’s the best at what she does and she has a plan B, C or D if A doesn’t go as planned!!”

Gerda Toptani Koka – USA

“The Saranow family would like to express deep gratitude for Helgastina for tailoring our trip to Iceland to our desires and needs (especially because we were traveling in more rugged terrain with a baby). We feel we had an authentic Iceland experience, including wonderful and unique playgrounds, musical concert with a beautiful family that felt like kindred spirits, and visiting the less-common path that most tourists choose. We are leaving with a profound love and respect for Iceland and Icelanders and also leaving with the feeling that we have built connections with people who we plan on seeing again, here or there – or both, hopefully!”

Shari and David – Miami beach, USA

“Helga made sure that our weekend dash to Iceland was one of the most memorable times ever. We landed in the late afternoon but felt like we had a full day, after arriving in town, we were eating fresh fish and having a beer, and relaxing in a geothermal pool with the snow falling in the dark… our family of 4 couldn’t believe how much fun we were having. The rest of our trip continued to be a great adventure. Thank you Helga – we would not have had nearly as much fun making our plans alone.”

Sarah and family – The Netherlands

“The dinner last night… wow! Such a special experience, Eygló also showed us some parts of her neighborhood; a great start of our visit. We absolutely loved the food and the company. Eygló is a wonderful host, her husband couldn’t make it but her sister and brother-in-law were there to entertain us.  I would recommend this experience to any Iceland visitor!”

Nadia – The Netherlands

‘I had a wonderful trip to Iceland and a large part of that is due to Helga’s planning and recommendations. I’m so glad I worked with Helga and I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to experience Iceland.”

Sara – USA

“I think you’re doing a great job, your recommendations were very helpful. I will definitely recommend you.”

Group costumer – The Netherlands

“All my friends and neighbors want to go to Iceland now. Helgastina helped Martha and I plan our trip at the end of the summer, listening very carefully to what we like to do and would want to experience. We explored a cave, drank coffee in a tiny cafe on the beach, walked the grassy rocky path leading to a Lighthouse, with below us steep cliffs and nesting birds. I highly recommend you work with Helgastina  for your visit to Iceland. She will make sure it is the vacation you want.”

Lin McDevitt-Pugh

Netsheila – www.netsheila.com

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