Cars, hats, groceries and screaming to the wind in Iceland

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I The Travel Planner never promise good weather in Iceland. I only promise you weather and all kinds of it..on the same day sometimes.

Arriving in Keflavik airport on a  Sunday in February was an interesting experience. Wind plays a major part on this rock in The middle of the North Atlantic where not only weather but power of nature is a part of everyday life.

There are some things to have in mind in the “Rok” of Iceland as we call crazy winds over here.


My father for one hates bad and slow drivers and crazy winds. Why? Both are dangerous to the car as the slow drivers are in his opinion as dangerous as the fast ones and for some reason my father has to move fast, also when retired. No time to waste when enjoying life.

Number two is the effect of the “rok” on car doors. It is no fun to lose a car door on to the next car or to have it blow away somewhere in the lava fields. So for goodness sake do not lose your grip on the car door when opening in Iceland, summer, winter, spring and fall…You never know if the winds sneaks up on you to grab it and destroy it and many things more.


It is a very interesting experience to come out of the airport in Keflavik and realize that you should hold on to your hat with all your powers. That can be tricky when travelling with luggage so I use my teeth normally to keep my head warm…Like I said you have to use ALL your powers…Please improvise… In these cold North Atlantic winds you do not want to lose your hat into the Universe. Or often mentioned lava fields.


My father on the other hand has not used a hat on his head since he was 8, so for 64 years. He is a real Icelandic man who blows on these idea of wind and cold…Unless it involves his car.


Interestingly a friend of mine who lives in the hills surrounding the beautiful town of Hafnarfjordur, shared with me her experience of almost flying away like Mary Poppins holding her grocery bags. I guess that strengthens the idea of getting rid of plastic and using organic cotton grocery bags. I wonder if you can fly away as easily with non-plastic bags?


Screaming in the “rok”

When in Iceland I recommend strongly that you take a walk on the shore, at one of Iceland´s cold beaches and scream into the wind. You can save a lot of money on meditation courses, psychologists and living in the moment coaching just by doing that. Don´t worry.  No one is going to hear you because, There are only 330.000 people living in Iceland and it´s a big island and the wind and the ocean will swallow your screams to strengthen their powers even more.

Hold on so you don´t blow away while in Iceland

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