Bringing Professional Groups to Iceland: it’s a two-way process

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I’ve had the honor of hosting two groups of professionals from the Netherlands in Iceland this week, and it’s been an enlightening experience that reinforces the essence of Iceland Unwrapped in these company trips.

When organising a trip to Iceland for a professional group, there’s more to it than booking flights and accommodations. It’s about understanding the group’s objectives and dynamics, ensuring a journey that’s not only impactful but also transformative.

What are the two most important factors for company trips?

Firstly, a clear vision of the group’s goals is essential. Iceland may be small, but it offers diverse angles for exploration. Whether exploring our innovative approaches to green energy, gender equality, our education policies, or fostering connections within our vibrant startup ecosystem—each visit is an opportunity to delve into the heart of Icelandic innovation.

Secondly, understanding the group’s dynamics is equally crucial. Are they a cohesive team seeking to strengthen existing bonds, or a collection of individuals with shared interests but no prior connections? This insight is the compass that guides our efforts to maximize the value of their visit, fostering connections that resonate beyond the trip.

A group from the Netherlands getting inspired by the educational system in Iceland - Photo by Helga Stina

A group from the Netherlands getting inspired by the educational system in Iceland – Photo by Helga Stina

What sets Iceland Unwrapped apart from other services?

Understanding these factors provides further guidance to helping our visitors make the most of their visits, and also in connecting our visitors with Icelanders whom they’ll find interesting. That’s a key feature that makes Iceland Unwrapped unique among companies that bring professional groups here.

I interview all my clients to gather insights and inspiration for company trips. This ensures that each customized plan incorporates the elements necessary to make their visit both effective and memorable.

I do this with my amazing network in Iceland. It consists of people who are also interested in being inspired by the guests, as well as inspiring them.

This is what sets Iceland Unwrapped apart. It’s the reciprocity that defines our interactions. It’s not just about what our visitors gain from Iceland; it’s about what Icelanders gain from them. This symbiotic relationship is embedded in our network—a community of individuals eager to be both inspired and inspiring.

So, if you’re ready to expand your professional horizons, engage in conversations that spark inspiration, and be a source of inspiration yourself, reach out to Helga Stína at www.icelandunwrapped.com.

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